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4570 HILTON PARKWAY, #106,  COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80907     (719) 623-5314

Landsharks 2021 Spring Season

We are excited that Landsharks Running Club will be back this spring!!
Please refer to the Colorado Springs or Douglas County tabs for programs near you.
Please note: Unfortunately, with COVID-19 runners will not be able to join existing school programs due to cohort requirements. 

Here is what is changing to make sure we keep runners, leaders and families safe during COVID-19:

● Each club will be broken into several smaller groups from drop off to pick up in order to keep group sizes as small as possible. Each  group will have a separate and specified drop-off/pick-up area. This area will be relayed to you via email before the club begins.  There will be NO switching groups or leaders for runners. Each runner will remain with the same kids and the same leaders throughout the running club time.

● We must keep all lunch boxes/snacks, and water bottles/hydration packs completely separated throughout the duration of running club. Each child will carry their backpack with them. We are asking families to pack their runner(s), snacks, and water within a personal backpack and snacks and water bottle should be easy for the runner to open by themselves. Each runner is required to have their own backpack, please no “family share” backpacks.

● Runner's  will be asked to have a mask on hand in case COVID-19 arises at running club for your athlete.  All staff will wear appropriate protective wear.

DROP OFF: Parent/Leader/Kid(s) Process will have to operate differently in response to COVID-19. We understand that there will be less runners but we still need to be sure that safety measures are being taken during this step to ensure proper distancing and safety. 

● The predetermined specific drop off location will be sent to you as a Google Map location. You also have the contact information for your runner(s) leader(es) should you need help finding your place. Please contact the coach BEFORE you arrive at the destination with questions as your leader will be busy checking other runners in.

● We ask that your child and yourself please respect the 6ft social distancing guidelines at this time as well. You will see designated spots for all to stand and a designated spot for your child to sit and wait for camp to begin. We ask that only 1 parent/guardian and no siblings come to drop off.  At drop off will be the daily health form to fill out. If your child is feeling ill or has been asked to quarantine, please keep them home.

PICK UP: Sign out will be done identically to sign in. Parents are strongly encouraged to wear masks during the drop-off process; This is a recommended measure as guided by our local health authorities *note- Coaches will also be wearing a mask

Procedures for Landsharks to make sure we are keeping runners, leaders and families safe during Covid 19:

Employees: Staff will be self screened for symptoms and close-contact exposures upon arrival to ensure they are symptom-free before they are cleared to work. (Additional Guidance ( We will use the CDPHE Symptom Tracker ( Landsharks will send home staff with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or other communicable illnesses and testing will be recommended.  Staff will be sent home to adhere to isolation ( and exclusion requirements.  Upon any sign of symptoms, staff will immediately be isolated and moved ). Landsharks will provide frequent communication with all families of enrolled runners related to the occurrences of COVID-19 at the club, the club’s responses, and all issues in the public health order. If any staff is at a higher risk for COVID-19, we will consider job duties that don’t involve interaction with others. Staff, to the extent possible, will remain with the same group of runners and maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet whenever possible. Hand sanitizing upon arrival, before eating, and at regular intervals throughout the the run could occur. Personal protection equipment will be worn when possible by staff. Staff will sanitize any equipment after each station to strive for a disinfected area.

Runners: Runners will be screened daily for symptoms and close-contact exposures at drop off, pick up, to ensure they are symptom-free before they are deemed able to attend.  Runners with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or other communicable illnesses will be sent home immediately with a recommendation to get tested immediately (Testing for COVID-19 ( and adhere to isolation and exclusion requirements ( Landsharks will provide frequent communication with all families of enrolled runners related to the occurrences of COVID-19 at the club, the club’s responses, and all issues in the public health order. Runners will be educated about COVID-19 and the related protocols. Runners are asked to self-report symptoms to staff. Runners will be kept to groups under 15 to the extent possible, these groups will be stable and no sharing of leaders will occur. Physical distancing of at least 6 feet will occur during eating and recreation. Leaders will not share equipment within their group.  Each child will be assigned and use their own gear. Equipment will be sanitized between group use. Hand sanitizing upon arrival, before eating, and at regular intervals throughout the day could occur.  Masks requested for isolation of a sick runner. If a runner is symptomatic at club, he/she will be isolated immediately.  Guardian/parent will be called immediately and child will be sent home with guidelines on how to be tested as well as follow up care. ( ((

*Additional COVID-19 protocols and procedures may be required and may vary from each participating school program."

The Landsharks Running Club, a Colorado Springs based non-profit, develops young athletes in positive, safe, character-based programs for those in Kindergarten through 6th grade. 

The focus is on having fun, competing against individual abilities, improving personal skills, being an encouraging teammate, making new friends, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

In the fall and winter, our athletes focus on cross-country and in the spring, our athletes learn the fundamentals of Track.  We also offer Summer and Winter Camps. We train parents, teachers and past Landsharks participants to help lead and coach our programs.

Since 2000, the Landsharks Running Club has provided over 100,000 children with experiences each season that benefit their physical and psycho-social health.

The benefits of Landsharks outweighs the physical benefits and have been proven to teach children perseverance; goal-setting and other skills that help them succeed academically, socially, and as an athlete in numerous sports.

If interested or need additional information on how to start a program at your school,
please call 719-623-5314.

List of Schools for Colorado Springs

Includes the greater Colorado Springs area, Monument and Woodland Park

List of Schools for Douglas County

Includes Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock and Parker



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