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Oak Creek Elementary Coaches

Head Coach:

Lavenna Kubatzky

Assistant Coaches

Esther Anderson

Hemaima Dill

Our shirt color is teal

Download the Sports Engine App

Landsharks parents can use the SportsEngine mobile application to receive text updates, view the schedule and locations of events. The SportsEngine app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once installed, the easiest way to find Oak Creek Elementary.

The season at a glance:

***Students will be required to wear a mask like last semester, and they will be kept in their cohorts with one coach. Unfortunately, if your child is e-learning for 4th quarter, he or she will not be able to participate as we want to follow COVID-19 protocol in keeping with cohorts. ***

Practices will start  April 13 and end on May 11th with a small celebration to commemorate the season. Practices will be held twice a week-Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45 p.m.-4:30 p.m.- at Stratmoor Hills. There is no bus for transportation so your child will need to be picked up at the school on these days after practice. 

Meets Meets will be on Sunday afternoons,4/25, 5/02, 5/09 at The Vanguard School beginning at 1:00 p.m.  

*Meet #1- All runners will run the 50m dash, followed by the 400m race. Subject to change.

*Meet #2- All runners will run the 100m dash, followed by either the 400m or 800m race depending upon age. Subject to change.

*Meet #3- All runners will run the 200m dash, followed by either the 800m or 1600m race depending upon age. Subject to change.

Races will be  on Sunday afternoons. On race day, runners will compete in two races.  All meets will follow the County and State guidelines and restrictions for both athletes and spectators. Spectators must remain in the stands WEARING A MASK, not on the field.  We ask that spectators only use positive language and support for all participants. Athletes will wear masks up until the start of competition. When  lined up to begin the race, runners will remove their masks for competition and place them on their wrists. As soon as runners finish their race, they must put their masks back on IMMEDIATELY.  

Extra Information

Dress for Success:  Runners need to dress according to the weather.  If it is raining or the wind chill is under 30 degrees we will be practicing in the gym.  We encourage them to change out of their school attire into running clothes.  Clothing guidelines:

55 degrees and warmer - Running shoes, t-shirt, shorts, and optional running hat.

45-54 degrees - Running shoes, t-shirt, sweatshirt/windbreaker, shorts or sweat pants.

44 degrees and cooler - Running shoes, t-shirt, sweatshirt/windbreaker, sweat pants, running hat/head band and gloves.  If it is windy, dress one cooler level down.


Running shoes:  We will train on the areas around the school.  The races are held at local parks and other facilities with large grass fields and dirt trails.  We encourage you to purchase running shoes for your runners.  Please check your child’s current running shoes for wear.  Expect to pay at least $50 for a good shoe that will last for the fall and spring series if worn just for running.  Buy them a little large, not tight.  Colorado Running Company is sponsoring our program and providing a 15% discount for Landshark runners.

Parents, we need you!  Please consider volunteering for our coaching staff or support crew.  No experience is required, just lots of encouragement.  With numerous runners expected to participate, every volunteer makes a difference in our program.  We will need volunteers at the races, too.  Thanks for letting us have the privilege of serving your child.

Weather policies

Landsharks Lightning Policy


1.    We will monitor the weather via the Weather Bug App with Spark Function. 

2.   Activities shall be immediately suspended and all personnel directed to move to a safe area when the meter indicates lightning is within a 8-mile radius.  Activities shall remain suspended until the device indicates there is no longer lightning within a 8-mile radius.

3.   If the device fails or connectivity is poor, we will suspend activity when cloud-to-ground lightning is observed OR thunder is heard.  We will quickly direct staff, participants and athletes to pre-determined shelter(s).

4.   Once the practice/race has been suspended, we will wait at least 20 minutes after the last thunder or flash of lightning is witnessed, prior to resuming.

5.   Any subsequent thunder or lightning, after the beginning of the 20-minute count, reset the clock and another 20-minute count should begin.

6.   Please share the safety plan with others picking up your athlete.

7.   Understand the evacuation process depending on the site lay out. 

Protocols and procedures to keep Runners, Leaders and Families
safe during COVID-19:

● Each club/team will be broken into small groups (less than 15) to comply with the current COVID restrictions, as well as, Landsharks coach to runner ratio. Runners will remain with the same kids and the same leader/coach for the season. 

●Backpacks/snacks, and water bottles/hydration packs must be completely separated from others. Each runner should carry his/her own backpack with them to include a snack and water bottle that the runner is able to open independently.

● Runners 11 and older will need to wear a mask during stretching and instructions. Masks will not be worn while physical activity is occurring. Coaches/Team Leaders will wear a masks when not able to socially distance from their runners. 

CHECK IN/OUT PROCESS: Please be mindful to adhere to the socially distance guidelines when checking in/out runner(s) and respectfully ask that masks be worn by those 11 and older. Attendance will be taken at each practice in case contact tracing is required. 

If your runner(s) is feeling sick or has been asked to quarantine, PLEASE stay home. 

● Coaches/Club Leaders will self screen for symptoms and close-contact exposures before attending each practice. As with runners, coaches/club leaders will stay home if they feel sick or have been asked to quarantine. If necessary, families will be contacted should practice have to be cancelled and/or rescheduled. Please note: this will be based on a case by case basis during the season. 

● Landsharks coaches will send home any staff member or runner exhibiting symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or other communicable illnesses, and testing will be recommended.  Appropriate isolation and exclusions requirements will be implemented  immediately for any coach/club leader or runner.  Should exposure occur, Landsharks will provide frequent communication with all families of enrolled runners impacted by COVID-19 at the school program/running club, the club’s responses, and all issues in accordance to the public health order.

● Landsharks Coaches/Leaders, will do their best to remain with the same group of runners and maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet, whenever possible. Hand sanitizing upon arrival, before eating, and at regular intervals throughout practice. Proper sanitization of equipment will be implemented.

● If a runner is symptomatic at club, he/she will be isolated immediately.  Guardian/parent will be called immediately and child will be sent home with guidelines on how to be tested, as well as follow up care.


Please note: Additional COVID-19 protocols and procedures may be required and may vary from each participating school program.

For additional guidance on COVID 19, please refer to the websites below:   
COVID 19 Symptom Screening:
COVID 19 Symptoms:
COVID 19 Isolation:

COVID 19 Testing:


Thank you to Saucony for your continued support!

Thank you to The Colorado Running Company for your continued support!

Thank you to true sport for your continued support!