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Wildcat Mountain Coach

Karsen Cranney

Landsharks Running Club Wildcat Mountain

Wildcat Mountain Recent News


Practices will be Mondays and Thursdays at Wildcat Mountain Elementary. All practices start at 8:00 am and finish around 8:45 am. There will be no Monday practice on race weeks.

Our first practice will be Monday, April 9th followed by a parent meeting at 9am at the school for those who are new to Landsharks.

Practice Dates

Monday, April 9th

Thursday, April 12th

Monday, April 16th

Thursday, April 19th

Thursday, April 26th

Thursday, May 3rd

Thursday, May 10th — End of Season Celebration


Race Nights

All races are held at Cresthill Middle School.

Races are being held on:
Monday, April 23rd at 6:00 pm (arrive 5:30)
Monday, April 30th at 6:15 pm at Rock Canyon HS (arrive at 5:45)
Monday, May 7th at 6:00 pm (arrive at 5:30)

Practices:  We meet before school at 8:00 am until 8:45 am.  

Runners will leave their backpacks by the baseball fence.  Runners will assemble at home base.  At practice, we will warm-up, run by ability groups, cool down, and be released to the same assembly area.  After practice runners may line up for class at their designated door.  Please have your child bring a water bottle, labeled with his/her name on it, to every practice!

Practices are cancelled if the wind chill is under 30 degrees, and/or if it is physically snowing or raining.

Dress for Success:  Runners need to dress according to the weather.  We encourage them to change out

of their school attire into running clothes before practice begins. 

Clothing guidelines:

55 degrees and warmer - Running shoes, t-shirt, shorts, and optional running hat.

45-54 degrees - Running shoes, t-shirt, sweatshirt/windbreaker, shorts or sweat pants.

44 degrees and cooler - Running shoes, t-shirt, sweatshirt/windbreaker, sweat pants, running hat/head band and gloves.  If it is windy, dress one cooler level down.

Running shoes:  We will train on the areas around the school. We encourage you to purchase running shoes for your runner(s).  Please check your child’s current running shoes for wear.  Expect to pay at least $50 for a good shoe that will last for the fall and spring series if worn just for running.  Buy them a little large, not tight.  We have three running stores sponsoring our program and providing a discount for Landshark runners:  Colorado Running Company and the Runner’s Roost.

Races:  Our races will be held on Monday evenings at Cresthill Middle School on Monday, April 23rd and May 7th.  The meet on Monday, April 30th will be held at Rock Canyon High School at 6:15 pm.  Back up dates due to weather are TBD  We would like your runners at the race site NLT 5:45 pm on April 23rd and May 7th and 6:00 pm on April 30th.  We will be done by approximately 7:30 pm.  


Landsharks Lightning Policy

1.    We will monitor the weather via the Weather Bug App with Spark Function. 
2.   Activities shall be immediately suspended and all personnel directed to move to a safe area when the meter indicates lightning is within a 10-mile radius.  Activities shall remain suspended until the device indicates there is no longer lightning within a 10-mile radius.
3.   If the device fails or connectivity is poor, we will suspend activity when cloud-to-ground lightning is observed OR thunder is heard.  We will quickly direct staff, participants and athletes to pre-determined shelter(s).
4.   Once the practice/race has been suspended, we will wait at least 30 minutes after the last thunder or flash of lightning is witnessed, prior to resuming.
5.   Any subsequent thunder or lightning, after the beginning of the 30-minute count, reset the clock and another 30-minute count should begin.
6.   Please share the safety plan with others picking up your athlete.
7.   Understand the evacuation process depending on the site lay out.