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Lone Tree Head Coach

Jennifer (Jen) Schilter

Hello and welcome to another season of LandSharks Track and Field!  My name is Jen Schilter, and I am fortunate enough to be the head coach.  I have been volunteering with Lone Tree Elementary LandSharks for 4 years and I am so excited to be working with the kids of LTE!  I have two children who will also be participating - Jacob (4th grade) and Aubree (2nd grade).  A little about myself - I started running alongside my dad when I was a child, and haven’t stopped. I ran competitively in High School and College and continue to run road races, half marathons and relay races when life allows. My kids are both active in other sports as well as other extracurricular activities. Life is busy, but Jacob & Aubree always ask to do Landsharks. Why is this you ask? Landsharks is a non-competitive youth program that introduces running to your kids in a safe and fun environment. We focus on setting individualized goals, making friends, encouraging teammates, and ultimately having fun! I can’t wait to meet your kids and look forward to a fun and exciting Spring Season!

Jen's info:
Phone number: 
(503) 708-7770

Lone Tree Assistant Coach

Amy Peck

I am so excited to be coaching Lone Tree Elementary's  Landsharks Spring Track program! I have  a 5th grader running with Landsharks and one running in middle school.  I ran competitively in high school and college, When I signed my kids up for Landsharks the first time it is was to give them a group sport that was also individual enough for them to make it their own - and I never wanted them to think that they couldn't be runners. My  kids participate in other sports but I know that running can improve performance across all sports. Running lets each person make what they want out of it. I can't wait to see how each kid makes it their own! It is going to be a great Spring season!

Amy's info:
Phone number:
(970) 445-7619

Who Can Participate

The Lone Tree Elementary chapter of the Landsharks Running Club is open to K-6 students of LTE and all other local schools that do not have their own Landsharks program. 

Registration Reduction Applications  (for those who financially qualify) are available  online ONLY  to increase accessibility to all families from February 23rd through March 4th. No late applications will be accepted.

Lone Tree Elementary Landsharks

Landshark Philosophy

The Landsharks Running Club develops young athletes in positive, safe, character-based programs.
The focus is on having fun, improving personal skills, being an encouraging teammate, making new friends, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Download the Sports Engine App

Landsharks parents can use the SportsEngine mobile application to receive text updates, view the schedule and locations of events. The SportsEngine app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once installed, search for Lone Tree Elementary.


Monday, March 30th


Mondays and Wednesdays
No Monday practices on meet weeks

Practices are in the field next to Lone Tree Elementary

Kids meet at the picnic shelter


Monday, March 30th at 3:50 pm at the picnic shelter.


3:15 pm - 4:00 pm


Extra Information

Dress for Success:  Runners need to dress according to the weather.  We encourage them to change out of their school attire into running clothes before practice begins. 

Clothing guidelines:

55 degrees and warmer - Running shoes, t-shirt, shorts, and optional running hat.

45-54 degrees - Running shoes, t-shirt, sweatshirt/windbreaker, shorts or sweat pants.

44 degrees and cooler - Running shoes, t-shirt, sweatshirt/windbreaker, sweat pants, running hat/head band and gloves.  If it is windy, dress one cooler level down.

Running shoes:  We will train on the areas around the school. We encourage you to purchase running shoes for your runner(s).  Please check your child’s current running shoes for wear.  Expect to pay at least $50 for a good shoe that will last for the fall and spring series if worn just for running.  Buy them a little large, not tight.  We have two running stores sponsoring our program and providing a discount for Landshark runners:  Colorado Running Company  in Colorado Springs and the Runner’s Roost in Lone Tree.


Landsharks Lightning Policy

1.    We will monitor the weather via the Weather Bug App with Spark Function. 
2.   Activities shall be immediately suspended and all personnel directed to move to a safe area when the meter indicates lightning is within a 8-mile radius.  Activities shall remain suspended until the device indicates there is no longer lightning within a 8-mile radius.
3.   If the device fails or connectivity is poor, we will suspend activity when cloud-to-ground lightning is observed OR thunder is heard.  We will quickly direct staff, participants and athletes to pre-determined shelter(s).
4.   Once the practice/race has been suspended, we will wait at least 20 minutes after the last thunder or flash of lightning is witnessed, prior to resuming.
5.   Any subsequent thunder or lightning, after the beginning of the 20-minute count, reset the clock and another 20-minute count should begin.
6.   Please share the safety plan with others picking up your athlete.
7.   Understand the evacuation process depending on the site lay out. 

Cross Country Meet at Redstone Park

Thank you to Saucony for your continued support!

Thank you to The Colorado Running Company for your continued support!

Thank you to true sport for your continued support!