Hello Landsharks parents,

For those returning, welcome back and for those new to the team, welcome aboard!

We are so excited to kick off the Spring track series and cannot wait to get started. With our first practice tomorrow, I wanted to go over a few things with you all.

In addition to me, our coaches are Justin McMillan, Laura Beuther, and Audra McCaffrey. You can find contact information for us all on the Landsharks website: http://www.landsharksrunningclub.com/page/show/3135737-redstone-es-2017-

Practices will be held behind the school on Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 3:30-4:15. Please note - no Wednesday practices on Meet weeks.

If you child will go to BASE after practice, they need to check in with them first before coming to Landsharks. At the end of practice, we will walk them to BASE.

Runners must wear sneakers, weather appropriate clothing (layers recommended - Spring is unpredictable!), and have a water bottle on hand.

Please pick up your runners at 4:15 behind the school, be sure to check in with me before you leave. It is essential that we check your kiddo off the list before they leave, else I’ll be calling you to make sure they are with you:-)

Runners will be divided into three groups during practices. You’ll hear them talking about their group names: Great White Sharks, Tiger Sharks, and Sandsharks.

Groups will originally be divided by grade, and then adjusted based on runners ability to run different distances. We want to kids to feel successful, not overwhelmed.

Practice will consist of check in, warm up, group run, and then a game. I guarantee - they will have so much fun!

We do not have an indoor location. I will watch the weather closely and make a decision at 2:30 on practice days. If practice is cancelled, I will send out a group text saying so. I do not have the ability to contact your children - so please plan to contact the school to make arrangements (303-387-7308).

If you do not already have a Landsharks T-Shirt for your runner, please order it ASAP as it is required for the Meets.

Parents are always encouraged to hang out during practice. Feel free to jump in with the kids too!

I will send out an email or text every Sunday giving any necessary information about the week ahead.

If you have any questions - please do not hesitate to call, text, or email.

Thank you,

Keri Carland (Redstone Landsharks)