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Kelly Collier about 3 years ago

Hi Landsharks!
If you missed out on the team treat bag from yesterday's practice, we have one for you. Please pick it up Sunday at the race!

Also, May 13th (ALL DAY) is Landshark appreciation day at Chik Fil A!
Mention Landsharks at the register and a donation is made to Landsharks Running Club!

Kelly Collier about 3 years ago

Welcome! I'm looking forward to a super fun season and I'm so happy you will be running with me!
Our first practice will be April 10th 3:30-4:30pm. Change from school uniform into running clothes and shoes, plus eat a good snack and fill up a water bottle between 3-3:30pm. We will meet outside on the blacktop, so be sure to bring all your backpacks with you to the blacktop after you have changed out. Parents, please pick up your runners promptly in the back playground area, making contact with Coach Collier before leaving.
Are you interested in volunteering? I will need help at practices and races! The more the merrier!

Jenni Turner over 3 years ago

Will there still be a race tonight at Palmer Lake with the weather? Thanks!

Cassey Elliott over 3 years ago

Hi Landsharks! Tomorrow is our very first Cross Country practice! We will be meeting behind the school on the playground around 7:05 am. If you signed up prior to our time and location change, please be aware that we are now practicing in the mornings at Monument Academy! Yay! Please escort your runner down if they aren't sure how to get there from the parking lot. We will be starting our practice off with an introduction and an extended warm-up. Our goal this season is to give young runners an opportunity to enjoy running and being active in a team environment. We will play lots of games, learn the fundamentals of running form, and of course, work on our speed!

Our Middle School runners will be released around 7:30 to get to class on time. If you would like your runner to change clothes, I will allow time for that if needed. I highly encourage you to pack them a water bottle along with a quick snack to eat after practice. Elementary school students will be released around 7:45.

Laura Bibighaus about 5 years ago

Parents Meeting on Tuesday, April 18th from 3:45-4:45 pm outside by the basketball hoops.

Laura Bibighaus about 5 years ago

There will be no Landsharks Practice today due to weather.